Single Ingredients Challenge

A 21 Day Challenge

Rules are simple:

1. Eat foods that start out as one, single ingredient.

2. You can combine single ingredients to create your meals.

3. You must complete for 21 days.

What to Expect.

This challenge sounds pretty simple but once you get going, you might realize how dependent we are on quick and convenient food choices.  It's also shocking to learn what is in the food you've been eating.  Substances are added to your food for taste, texture, appearance, and shelf life. Imagine what that does to your body!  Maybe a little food coloring that increases risk of thyroid tumors?  Association with cancer development?  Weight gain?  Intestinal ulcers and growths?  Heart disease?  This challenge eliminates the preservatives, junk, fillers, and additives.  Expect your overall health to improve!

Join The Challenge.

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