A Ten Days Challenge.

Steak & Eggs Challenge

Challenge Rules:

  • Only eat steak and eggs.
  • Cook everything in butter or ghee when possible.
  • Cook eggs any way you would like.
  • You can substitute different meats if needed.
  • You can utilize intermittent fasting with 2 meals a day.
  • Black coffee, unsweetened tea, and water are allowed.  Heavy cream ok.
  • Can use low carb condiments and spices.

What to Expect.

This diet is very simple.  Steak & Eggs.  No need to count calories.  Fat and protein are very satiating and can provide you with more sustainable energy than carbohydrates.  You will feel fuller for longer and your hunger levels will naturally decrease.  This diet will encourage your body's ability to burn fat (including your body fat) for fuel.  Expect to experience fat loss and reduce water weight!  Compared to the average American diet, you will actually be consuming more, high quality nutrients each day.  Steak and eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals that will supply your body with what it requires to function.

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